During past 20 years we have been working with more than 200 companies

(either as a team or as individuals)

Here are some of them:

KIA motors CJI
USAID - United States Agency for Int. Development
Council of Europe
Transparency International
UK Department for International Development
Glubbin ApS
Screen Ticket®
HRC - Human Resource Consulting
OMV istrabenz
Fln-mar rubber & plastics, inc.
Geoffrey Osborne Limited UK
ATNET - Port of Koper
Occidental Petroleum Corporation - OXY
LPC - Lifo Product Consulting
DANECO Netherland

Expo-biro Slovenia
Window Blinds Canada
Knitting Together Nations
The World Bank RM in B&H
dr Blaschke Germany
Das Blaue Buero
Mauritshof Hoogeveen
Inside Prospects inc.
Corporate solutions
Alpha gameready sports inc.
The Newark Museum USA
De Internet Shopping Gids
Tony Wilson - I Just Couldn't Say Goodbye
Freundin / Wellfit Germany
Das Weise Buero
Royal Dutch Coffee Netherland
Forum Schoole Germany
Planson International Corp USA
Personal Touch Automation Netherland