Over the past 20 years we have developed a few hundred of various projects, including: web based and desktop applications, various utilities, projects that utilized mixed technology, small ones, and enterprise sized.

It is not possible (and in some cases, due to NDAs, not allowed) to mention all of them, but here are a few interesting case studies, as an example what we at Small applications can really do for you.

Case Study 1 - Publishing Plan of Ship Arrivals, and Real-Time Reporting of Loading and Unloading Cargo

Our client was one of the biggest ports on the Adriatic Sea, who started utilizing IT in their daily operations very early on. As a result, their monitoring software was pretty outdated, although their other IT infrastructure was at an advanced level. Since the monitoring system was the very core of their data collecting system, they could not change it overnight. They had to deal with old fashioned DBase and make it work with new and advanced Internet technology... Read the case

Case Study 2 - Insurance Company Email/SMS Notification System

In this case our client was an insurance company that specialized in car insurance. Their idea was to send a client two notifications, one 30 days in advance, and another 15 days before insurance expiration. Since their obligatory car insurance was annual, people tended to forget about the upcoming expense, and a way to remind them a month in advance would help them plan their budget properly... Read the case

Case Study 3 - Publishing Real-Time Reports of Water Depth and Quality on the Sava River Watershed on the Internet and Teletext (Videotext)

Our client was a public enterprise government agency that was in charge of monitoring water depth and quality of the Sava River and its confluent rivers. To be able to do this they had to build an entire network of automatic hydro stations all over the countryside. Due to expenses and existing infrastructure it was built in phases, and unfortunately, not always by the same vendor. So they had a perfect monitoring system that contained three different applications with totally incompatible hardware, software, databases, and exports. Changing these applications traditionally would mean a lot of hardware changes, of which the cost would be measured in millions. We had to find a way of making a single and more cost-effective solution for these three systems.... Read the case

Case Study 4 - Log Viewer Command Shell for HMI (Human Machine Interface) and SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) Logs

The software that we were developing this add-on for was used in water distribution enterprises, for the computer-aided supervision of production and distribution processes... Read the case